Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sigh. . . Time to Take Down the Decorations

It's that time again. Time to take down the Christmas decorations and put them away for another year. I sat having my coffee and realized that I had not skecthed any of the decorations for EDM # 46 so I grabbed my moleskine and my artpen and went to work.

After I finished taking all the decorations down and sat recovering from the effort I started to add in some color. I am pleased with the result because it brings back the beauty of our Christmas each time I look at it.

Quick Sketch . . .

Well, depending on the size of your gas tank you might have time to whip out the ol' moleskine and skecth the gas pump while it pumps away. I tried and got this far.

Would like to have put in a little more detail but didn't have time. Should do this more often and maybe draw someone pumping gas the next time.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Key West Daydreamin’

One of my favorite towns to live in is Key West, FL. I lived there for a few years in the late ‘70s. I lived in an old house on Duvall St. and used to sit in my hammock on my balcony and watch the tourists walk by. I decided to sketch one of the buildings I used to see on my daily bicycle rides around the town. I used a photograph from a book by a friend of mine - 'Portraits: Wooden Houses of Key West' by Sharon Wells & Lawson Little. Lawson taught me a great deal about photography in those days.

This building is sort of off the beaten path on what is called Solaris Hill – hills are a joke in KW because the highest point in KW is about 21’ above sea level – down near the shrimp boat docs. It is a bar, when it is open for business. It changes ownership almost as often as the weather changes.