Thursday, December 08, 2005

Finally some challenges to post!

EMC #13

I found a few moments at my desk to make a sketch and spied my cell phone. So I sketched away. As I sketched I thought the phone looked lonely so I added my Ipod, Rotring Art Pen, an eraser, and the cap to my fountain pen. I added some watercolor crayon to the pen and ink sketch and background added in Paint Shop Pro.

EMC #44

As I relaxed in our family room I was inspired by one of our dogs, Gabby, lounging on her bed. Gabby is a black standard poodle and she is laying on a dark blue pillow-bed. I really wanted this to be a very loose sketch just to catch her relaxed pose.
EMC #1

A shoe! It's a shoe! Really it is!


Patty said...

All really great drawings!
-patty (edm group from md!)

Teri C said...

I just spent some time going thru your very interesting Blog. Really nice work. I love your color things, esp that street and the marginal art. Great idea.

Lindsay said...

lovely posts.

Terri said...

These are all great Zeke. I like the shadows in the first one, the doggy pic made me smile (my dog does this too) and the shoe is particularly well drawn. Thanks for sharing!

pedalpower said...

I recognized that poodley pose right away....I have a black standard too! They have lots of personality!

Sali said...

I love your cell phone, ipod, pen, eraser drawing! Great colors and I really like the composition of the drawing.