Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playing in the Pitt

The other day I picked up a Pitt Aritst Pen (brush nib) and played with it a little. I also picked up a Pigma Brush as well. I had fun with them both and can see it will take a little practice to get the results I want all the time. The Pigma is a little narower than the Pitt but the flexibility is about the same. The Pigma comes in lots of colors as does the Pitt. I had a hard time finding individual pens - instead of sets - of the Pitt pens in art stores. I finally found the black ones at Office Depot! After you get used to them they really provide a lot of expression in pen and ink line. They remind me of comic book illustrations.


Shelly McC said...

Great sketches!

Felicity said...

This is really interesting as I tried these yesterday but didn't come up with anything like this! I like how you've controlled the lines and varied the thickness.

Anna said...

Nice portrait! Did you do it from a photo or real life? Thanks for your comments on my blog, I'll try it and we'll see what happens!