Monday, October 31, 2005

Practice! More Practice!

Try as I may I cannot seem to get enough practice but I have managed a few sketches this last week. But first I will put up one from last month that I didn't get scanned until last week.

While I was in florida I walked past a building that cought my eye. The thought of a 24 hour dentist was intreaging enough but the sign below made it laughable.

As I sit in my office in the morning I am watched by a small wooden sculpture that my son gave me upon his return from vacation in Mexico. I quickly drew this sketch of it in my Moleskine.

the sketch on the other side is one of those portable backgrounds used for taking ID photos. As I waited to get yet another ID card I decided to sketch it. I experimented with using Prismacolor Art Markers. I was surprised to see how much it blead through the page...won't us them in my Moleskine again. I originally got the Prismacolor markers for coloring some of my wood turnings because they do penetrate..guess I should have expected the penetration of the Molskine page.

This weekend I went down town to try my hand at sketching some of the old buildings in town. I'm not really satisfied with my results. The sketch might have been better left uncolored. I put to much detail in for a wash - I need to work on that alot. I also need to work on my color mixing - cannot seem to get the colors I want.

I still seem to be trying to put lots of details into a drawing - I need to try to simplify the sketching. I guess the need for detail is a carry over from past times, for example:

EDM #32. This is a sketch of a race car engine - made from a photograph as reference. Does this count as something metal?


Karen Winters said...

Car engine: i'd say that definitely counts as something metal! Well done

Malinda said...

Wow, that's cool Zeke! The gearhead in my likes that there's someone on the list into cars! Nice job on the shading and details!

Gail said...

Zeke - I like the old buildings and your colors.

Kathleen Marie said...

Your street scene is inspiring. I really need to go out more and try to capture the angles of buildings. I have no excuse now that it is nice weather in Florida. Nice sketches!

Nita said...

I like the green and yellow buildings--more pizzazz than accurate reality :-)

Funny about the dentist--and scary price!

Linda said...

Yes -- your car engine surely MUST count as something metal! Wonderful detail.

Teri C said...

I love those buildings in all their glorious colors. I am a detail person so I can relate. And the detail on that engine is awesome.

Felicity said...

I think those engine drawings are great - it really shows that you enjoyed drawing them.