Friday, November 11, 2005

Land of Enchantment

I have just returned from a week in New Mexico. I was out visiting my Dad for his birthday getting a little time away from work at the same time.

I hoped to get some time to sketch and was rewarded. I did manage a few sketches, including on the plane on the way out. I was doodling in my moleskine using a .03mm mechanical pencil. I used it much like a technical pen, trying not to erase anything.

I was doodling eyes – animal eyes (EDM #33), cartoon eyes and human eyes then started doodling hands and then sort of launched into a drawing of my hand (EDM #10) holding the pencil.

This hand I drew when I was in high school – many years ago.

While I was in Albuquerque I drew a couple of sketches at my Dad’s place – on of his fireplace. . .
And one of the exterior. These were done with pen and ink and I played with some watercolor crayons on the exterior sketch.

Then I went back to doodling some pencil and pen and ink of motorcycle parts. . .
In a younger lifetime I had several motorcycles and I still enjoy the mechanical details of all that power crammed into such a small package (relatively speaking). Some of the new “Choppers” are quite creative. I will have to see if I can capture some of the ones parked out side “Paynes Biker Bar” down town.

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Teri C said...

Great job! I love how the WC pencil sketch.

I am in the state next door to "The Land of Enchantment"--AZ. There is so much to sketch in these southwestern states.