Monday, March 20, 2006

Tribute to Emma

I thought I should post a tribute to Emma, our cat. She will be 19 in a couple of months, if she survives. Three years ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure and the our veterinarian said that she would only live 3 months unless we hydrated her subcutaneously each day, in which case she might last 6 months. We tried the hydration but it only made her life miserable. We decided to forgo the hydration for more quality time with Emma. We began mixing pumpkin pie filling with her canned cat food – a suggestion by our vet. It has made a difference – she is still here. About a month ago our vet came by the house and examined Emma and decided that she had suffered a minor stroke and was rendered blind. The vet said that she felt that Emma was on her last leg and would probably pass within the next four months. Of course the vet did qualify that by saying that this was Emma and she didn’t always do what was expected. Well, Emma is still here and aside from bumping into things from time to time she is getting along quite well. She will leave a very large hole in our lives when she finally does pass, so we intend to enjoy her as long as we have her. Below are a few sketches and experiments of Emma’s likeness.

A little watercolor and pen and ink experiments. More to come, if Emma will sit still long enough!


Brightside said...

Emma sounds liek a wonderful cat, and it's lovely that you're drawing her. I really like how you've really captured the arc of her back.

Sioux said...

Love Emma. If you can get her to sit still, tell us how! Our never cooperate with me.

Linda said...

Lovely drawings of Emma! It is so hard to get a cat to sit still when you want them to. (Otherwise they don't move at all, of course.) That's interesting about the pumpkin pie filling -- I'm going to pass that on to my sister who's cat is also not well.