Thursday, January 25, 2007

If You Build It They Will Come - In Droves

These are a very familiar sight around my county, thanks to the corrupt county politicians. I think I will try to do a series of the construction equipment in use around our once sparsely populated county. This one was sort of fun as I am experimenting with watercolor on ink. So this was done with black India ink using a 00 Koh-i-Noor Rapidograph and colored with water colors from my home made water color set.


gabi campanario said...

excellent, very nice style. look forward to seeing more construction equipment, these are fun!

rowland said...

Like your style! I'm trying to do something similar! The topic is good too! Sketching with a political edge!!

I've just set up this site: on which I'm putting a monthly Creative Workout

Do you fancy joining us ?


Nina Johansson said...

I love this, it´s fun to draw machinery and technical things. You did a great job on the traffic lights too, I really like the unfinished "sketchy" quality of that one. Very beautiful.

Terry Banderas said...

Nice drawing. I like the way you feel free to go beyond your ink lines with your color.