Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Loudoun Landscapes

Yet more landscapes from what used to be beautiful rolling hills and farmland. This land is soon to be covered with McMansions and concrete. Below is a serious jackhammer. I did this in pen and ink using a Rapidograph. I then added watercolor - not my best effort - I think I should have stuck with the pen and ink.

This is a study I did in pen and ink before the sketch above.


Anonymous said...

Very nice drawings! Remind me quite a bit of Danny Gregory's detailed drawings of "all things technical" in the CL book.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Hi Zeke
thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm glad you did as I could not find your blog and now I can! Is this your original blog? Have you just changed the style? or changed address? I have put you on my blogroll so I don't lose you again.

Loving your brilliant drawings as always. So precise and well executed. I've enjoyed looking through them all again. Great work.

suzanne said...

Ahhh...concrete, mcmansions...this scares me. I feel as though we are being overtaken. Not a half a mile from my old house about 6 little old homes were wipped off the map for a new movie theater. makes me sad.

But, moving on, I like the fact that you are able to create artwork out of this event. The machinery is very sculptural and makes a great subject. And...I like the watercolor.