Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cars Again

As I mentioned in the beginning of my blog – eons ago – I used to like to draw cars. Most of these were from my imagination at the time. The other day I stumbled upon France Belleville's site 'Wagonized' via the Moleskinerie site. She has done some drawings of cars that I found really fascinating. Most are pen and ink with some watercolor or colored pencil added. I really like France’s technique so I thought I would give cars another try…and I can see that I will need to practice a lot!

We had a classic car show in town one Saturday night so I walked down to have a look. There were cars of all kinds . Restored classics and supped up hot-rods and customized cars. Here is a drawing of one of the many Cobras on display by the Cobra club.

Here is one you don't expect to see - a Studebaker with a supper charged engine!

Some detail studies of the Studebaker engine.
These were fun and as I said I need to do a lot more before I will be half as good as France. But the fun is in getting there.


juj said...

Your cars remind me of France's (wagonized) "girls". Simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

suzanne said...

It's interesting how you, like France, were able to capture the personality of the cars. No longer are they hunks of metal and glass, but rather hunks of metal and glass WITH personality.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Zeke, these are BRILLIANT and I'm a big France Belleville fan too. The engine drawing is just fantastic. Great work and I'm so glad to see new drawings from you. I don't think you realise how good you are!

wagonized said...

Oh i love these! The engine details are amazing -- and the top drawing is great. And gee, thanks for the mention!!

Rebecca-the-Wrecker said...

dear zeke
I love your drawings of the engines and when i was looking for inspiration on a jewellery commission for a man's pendant (who loves Studebakers) I found your site and based this work on it.
I would like to blog about it and use your image on my blog- fully attributed of course.
would that be okay?
rebecca ward