Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wow! How Long Has It Been?!?!

It has been far to long since I last posted!! I have been floundering about and not really doing anything more than a few doodles and experiments. I have been trying to find my way in different media and have not really made any progress. Got more frustrated and confused the more I tried. So…I have decided to get back to the simple approach and use what I have the most experience with and maybe, in the future, add some experimentation.

Pen and ink have been my favorite media for many years and even that has caused some angst. I used to use rapidograph pens and have a good set of those today. I have tried the Pigma Micron pens as well as the new Prismacolor fine line markers and find them a little lacking in what ever it is I am seeking. They don’t always leave a constant line – sometimes looks faded. However, I have a tough time getting the values I want with the rapidograph pens – a great deal more practice needed I am sure.

In any case I have decided to post some of my doodling and noodling here in hopes that some helpful souls might have some suggestions or helpful ideas.

The next is a flower doodle that was just an experiment with the Prismacolor fine line markers in brown, sepia and black.

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andrea joseph's sketchblog said...'s been TOO long!! great to see you back with us. I love your lines - you do great things with ink.