Sunday, December 24, 2006

Small Steps

I usually carry a small (3.5”x5”) sketchbook with me most of the time (either my Moleskine or a Strathmore). Some times I manage a presentable sketch, but most times I end up just doodling a bunch of thoughts. I am on the road a lot so my sketches/doodles tend to be of my hotel room or if I have time to get out and about some of the things in the area. Usually I am beat by the end of the day and don’t do much but crash in my room. I can relate to the “Block Problem” many of us experience and that often prevents me from doing any drawing.

These are some of the sketches from my little sketchbook.

<- Cafe Umbrellas

Window and Bird Doodle ->

One of my goals is to learn to use watercolor with my pen and ink sketches. In search of helpful examplesand guidance I came across the book “Work Small, Learn Big!” that showcases 17 different artists and their sketching and painting techniques. Great book! I really enjoyed the articles about each of the artists especially Don Getz, Tony Couch, Janice Donelson, Dave Beckett, and Gerald Brommer - and all the rest really.

A lighthouse sketch of a Tony Couch illustration. ->

I have not had the opportunity to take any classes in watercolor so I have been experimenting a lot and reading books. The first and one of the most helpful has been Kate’s (Cathy Johnson) First Step Series book “Painting Watercolors”. Kate’s book helped me understand some of the little details about watercolors and how to use them – I still keep coming back to her book a lot.

Another book I really enjoy and find it really inspires me is John Lovett's book “Watercolor For The Fun Of It: Getting Started”. He has a very exciting palette and an interesting approach to watercolor. A couple of my small attempts at his examples:



andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow, these colour sketches are just great. I'd be very happy to have produced these. I too would like to use watercolour a more. I think I may just invest in Kate's book - her work is so amazing isn't it? I love it. I think the palette that you have used in these sketches is really nice. Like the window in pen too!

edgar said...

hey Zeke!!! I just want to let you know that I enjoyed the freedom of your strokes in your sketches. Very nice!!! Looking at the watercolor sketh made want to mess around with my watercolor! Nice work!!!

Terry Banderas said...

Thanks for sharing your sketches. I remember when I was on the road working. There was very little chance of my doing a sketching at all. Nice color versions. Keep posting.